What We Do

Fiduciary Investment Services

  • Coordinate the entire investment process and provide proper documentation.
  • Provide monitoring reports for the performance, risk & expenses of the plan.
  • Develop an overall asset allocation strategy for the plan.
  • Develop and oversee model portfolios as investment options for the participants, if applicable.
  • Make recommendations which qualify as Qualified Default Investment Alternative (“QDIA”) under ERISA.

Management of vendor relationships

  • Act as liaison between your organization and your current retirement plan vendor.
  • Bring new ideas and capabilities from your vendors and the industry in general to your organization for consideration.
  • Negotiate and manage plan expenses and fees with the vendor.

Request-for-Proposal (RFP)

  • Lead and develop RFP process by conducting market analysis.
  • Negotiate proposal with vendors.
  • Deliver RFP evaluation and provide advice and guidance regarding evaluation.
  • Coordinate vendor presentations.
  • Facilitate change of vendor and manage the conversion process.

Assist in plan design strategies

  • Provide updates on new legislation as well as advice on implementation of new plan design capabilities and their potential impact on the plan and its participants.
  • Review annual compliance testing to determine if there are efficiencies that can be gained by plan design changes.

Provide fiduciary consulting & oversight

  • Ensure proper adherence to fiduciary obligations.
  • Create, Update and Review Investment Policy Statement.
  • Help establish a Plan Investment Committee.
  • Help coordinate the functions/activities of the Plan Investment Committee.
  • Assist with agendas and minutes of Plan Investment Committee meetings.

Employee Education & Communication Services: Enrollment

  • Conduct employee surveys to determine interest in specific topics.
  • Conduct group education and/or enrollment meetings.

Personalized Employee Education

  • Conduct individual education sessions with employees and spouses/significant others.
  • Tailor sessions to meet individual needs.


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Fiduciary Process

PRI Process

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Risk Assessment

We want an investor’s Risk Tolerance Level to match up with their portfolio.  By taking a risk assessment, GranitPath has the ability to document and showcase alignment between portfolio construction, risk tolerance, and risk capacity.