Find Your True North

At Granite Financial Partners, our wealth advisors are professional stewards and true advocates for our clients. The cornerstone of our client partnerships is our comprehensive wealth planning process, which transcends simple financial planning to provide high-level wealth preservation strategies and coaching. Where knowledge, experience, and education intersect, there lies True North.

Granite Financial Partners - Process
  • Discover

    During the discovery process, we establish an open dialogue that will serve as the foundation of our partnership. We ask the tough questions – you provide the honest answers – and together, we peel back the complex layers to reveal the core of your business.

  • Clarify

    Through the clarification process, we distill the information gathered during discovery and begin to focus momentum in a particular direction. You pledge your full and active participation, and we strive to translate the energy of your enthusiasm into a powerful force, directed toward your financial future.

  • Strategize

    The strength of our experience as financial stewards and wealth managers enables us to design a personalized financial strategy based on the priorities revealed during the clarification process. Our goal is to provide clear and effective solutions, precisely calibrated to the nuances of your financial situation.

  • Formalize

    Putting pen to paper, we formalize your unique strategy through a process of close collaboration with you, family and key stakeholders, and other professional members of your advisory team. Robust debate leads to meaningful consensus, and agreements are forged.

  • Select

    Selecting quality products and services to serve your financial strategy, we operate untethered from proprietary considerations, while strongly bound to fiduciary regulations, laws and ethical standards. We pledge our loyalty to your interests and strive to exceed your expectations.

  • Implement

    The security of your financial information and assets is critical. During the implementation process, we flesh out your life map while maintaining the highest commitment to protecting your privacy, the integrity of your information, and the value of your assets.

  • Monitor

    Our monitoring process helps ensure that your plan continues to move forward and that you stay informed and engaged. You have the right to full transparency: a coherent and comprehensive plan, clearly defined relationship parameters, full disclosure, and open and honest communication.

  • Assess

    Periodic review allows us to assess our progress toward your True North, reevaluate your goals and objectives, and adjust your plan as necessary. We strive to find ways to increase the value of our relationship, encourage your uncensored feedback, and ask for your continued trust.