Our Philosophy

At Granite Financial Partners, our mission is to simplify complex issues and remove barriers to success. To this end, our customized wealth preservation plans align human, intellectual, social, and financial capital in order to unlock the full power of your resources.

As the measure of economic value placed on individual skill sets, human capital can be increased through education, experience, and mentoring. Our experienced wealth advisors facilitate the development of human capital through a collaborative approach based on open communication. Intellectual capital includes both intangible intellect—knowledge, ideas, and concepts—and tangible items such as trademarks, licenses, franchises, brands, patents, and copyrights. Preserving intellectual capital and passing it on is vital to the success of your company and the legacy of your family.

Often there are multiple children with unequal involvement in the business, yet all are owners. This can create questions regarding the succession process and issues of equality, giving rise to resentments.

The life experiences of older generations—those responsible for building the business—lead to a very different view of business matters than that shared by younger generations, who are bringing newer ideas and values to an already-established business. People in family businesses often play multiple roles within the same relationships (e.g., CEO, father, mentor, and friend). It is important to pull personal relationship issues out of the business and take away blurred lines to create clarity and keep the business successful.

Our experienced wealth advisors work in collaboration with you to craft a personalized strategy that takes full advantage of all sources of capital.

At Granite Financial Partners, we address these issues. We conduct interviews and inquiries to discover family members’ true concerns, and then design solutions based on the information we receive. We ask the sometimes difficult questions that other advisors might avoid, but which are essential in accomplishing real or lasting change. We have the level of knowledge and compassion required to find the most effective and creative solutions. Our process helps the family as a unit come to a conclusion that works for everybody. Everyone gets heard.

The giving and stewardship of philanthropy is a means by which a business or family shows its commitment to the local community and the world around them and builds social capital. Through philanthropic causes, your wealth becomes an engine of progress and an expression of cherished values. The growth of human, intellectual, and social capital is fostered and directed by the tools of financial capital, including business interests, property, and monetary and tangible assets. Our personalized strategies aim to give you the knowledge you need to wield these tools in the most effective manner.