Higher Education - College Savings and Funding Strategies

Higher Education: College Saving and Funding Strategies

Families typically use multiple sources to pay for college. Although grants and scholarships may play an important role, the largest percentage of funds usually comes from parents and students in the form of savings, current income and loans. The more prepared you are financially, the more options your student may have when choosing a college.

Envisioning Your Retirement

Envisioning Your Retirement: How to Prepare Today for a More Fulfilling Tomorrow

Retirement has often been viewed as an end to a working career, but today’s retirees and pre-retirees are more likely to see it as a new beginning. Whether retirement is many years away or right around the corner, it might help to envision your expectations for the future.

Investing Basics

Investing Basics: Embark on Your Wealth-Building Journey

Investing is an ongoing task that involves setting goals for the future and weighing the risks and potential rewards associated with a wide variety of investment options. You might be wondering how to begin such a crucial, lifelong endeavor. The answers to the following three questions could be the key to developing a sound investment strategy that is appropriate for your personal situation.

Understanding Social Security & Medicare

Understanding Social Security and Medicare America’s Retirement Safety Net

Despite the limited nature of Social Security and Medicare, the benefits can be invaluable. Whether you are already eligible or will be in the future, it might be wise to consider the basic options and potential strategies that could help you obtain the benefits that are most appropriate for your personal situation. Here’s a brief overview of both programs.

College: Is It Worth the Price of Admission?