As a member of your association’s 401(k) plan, you enjoy exclusive access to the following key features and benefits:

Key Features

  • 401(k) plan featuring a wide selection of investments, available at a low cost to association members and administered by a nationally recognized service provider.
  • Employer-sponsored 529 college savings plan included at no extra cost.
  • Financial planning software program that gives plan participants the tools they need to create a personal financial plan, supported by the experienced advisors of GranitPath.
    Preview the Finance Logix Investor Dashboard available to plan participants.
  • Innovative mobile app for iPhone and Android devices that gives plan participants instant and secure access to their personal financial information.
  • Watch a short video about the Retire Logix mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Key Benefits

  • 401(k) service package loaded with benefits to help members attract and retain top talent.
  • Competitive pricing based on the total combined assets of your association, with no billable invoice to association members.
  • Customized and simple with member-selected plan design, simplified fund selection and annual plan review.
  • Less administration at the member level and fiduciary responsibility outsourced to GranitPath and BPAS.
  • GranitPath advisor to assist with participant education and plan outlook.

Association Partners

New Hampshire Lodging & Restaurant Association

Plan Participants

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Attract and retain top talent with the exclusive retirement benefits available to you as a member of your association.